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Friday, December 9, 2016

"20 Best Agriculture Apps For Indian Farming Community Worth Downloading"

"20 Best Agriculture Apps For Indian Farming Community  Worth Downloading" 

Image source ;engsolomon.wordpress.com
There are dozens of apps out there at the google play store that offer many different services to a farming community . Here, I take a look at some of the top  Agriculture apps  for Indian Farming community I saw throughout 2016 and break them down for you by their function. I don’t list every agriculture app that’s available, but I give you a good selection to choose from. Work with your need  that help with input selection, since many companies offer their own brand-specific apps. But here I focus on apps require for Indian Farmer community in groups by , scouting/identification , Information, and overall farm management. Get ready to search for the ones that you think you’ll need most in the year coming ahead 2017.

IFFFCO Kisan              Free                           Download
“IFFCO Kisan” is an Indian agriculture farmer suvidha App, which helps the Indian farmer/ Kisaan to take informed decisions by accessing customized agricultural information related to their need.  suvidha app is for Kisan suvidha and provides the latest mandi prices, weather forecast, agricultural advisory, best practices tips related to agriculture, Animal Husbandry, horticulture; a buyer and seller platform, and all agriculture-related news and govt. schemes. This Indian farmer app is for Kisan suvidha  to provide agriculture alerts and agriculture advisories in 11 Indian languages in text as well as agriculture audio clip for the convenience of the farmers who are most comfortable in their own language.

  India Satellite Weather

Shahul3D Weather     Free                      Download

"A picture is worth a thousand words". A complex weather data can be conveyed easily with an image map. By observing the Cloud formations around your City, you can easily predict whether the day is going to be Hot or Rainy/Cloudy.
It is very well equipped with data caching capabilities and will never download duplicate data from the server. The downloaded weather maps will be stored locally and can access offline.
  KISAN SUVIDHA                      

     Mobile Seva                Free                         Download

Kisan Suvidha is an omnibus mobile app developed to help farmers by providing relevant information to them quickly. With click of a button, they can get the information on weather of current day and next 5 days, dealers, market prices, agro advisories, plant protection, IPM Practices etc. Unique features like extreme weather alerts and market prices of commodity in nearest area and the maximum price in state as well as India have been added to empower farmers in the best possible manner.

Freshvine                          Free                 DownLoad 
Agricbusiness.com will gives deep and insight information about agriculture while providing opportunities for small, medium and large agric enterprises to have an online presence and marketing platform for their business.

KHETI BADI (खेती बाड़ी जानकारी)               
                                                             Free                  Download

Information & Knowledge Gap between the rural people is the key challenge for India.
This app is for agriculture traders and farmers in india. They are now able to get the prices online. App is covering most of the farm product from all over the indian agriculture markets, market yard, and mandai. For now, app is listing previous day closing prices.
This App can help farmers to convert their chemical farming to Organic Farming, make informed decisions to improve their livelihoods and connect them to consumers to gain bigger pie of the supply chain.
The arrival and prices of different agricultural commodities are for information purpose only.Users/visitors have to make their own decisions based on their own judgments, wisdom, and risks.                                                  

ICAR Update                       Free            Download
ICAR Update is a Personal Android Manager for viewing AIEEA / AICE updates.Download it once and it’ll keep displaying you about the latest updates. Personal updates will include any shortfall in your personal application, your Admit Card etc.Public updates will include broadcasts related to Exam dates, results etc. This will help you to remain in touch with AIEEA / AICE updates and smoothly face the examination.
Features- Push notifications: Time to Time personal / public updates , A simple view of such updates , A log will be maintained about the use of this applicationICAR Update is an access to AIEEA / AICE updates without the use of a computer


 dragon bites Communication         Free             Download
Farmer's Portal India ;Features - 1) Crop Management 2) Post Harvest3) Veterinary Centre info
4) Diagnostic Laboratory5) Agricultural Land6) State wise Block and Crop7) Animal Disease and Symptoms8) Seeds9) Fertiliser10) Pesticide
Crop Insurance,State Agriculture Departments


 Magzter Inc. Education                   Free            Download
Modern Kheti, as the name indicates, relates to the modern agricultural techniques; conservative and cash crops, allied professions and farm machinery through training programs or upcoming events on a national and international level. Introduced in 1987, it is the leading and most widely read agriculture based magazine throughout Northern India. Punjab and Haryana, extensively known as the food grain basket of India, has in almost every household Modern Kheti, as it caters to every aspect of farming like growing of seasonal crops, their problems & solutions, conservative and cash crop farming. It also covers – fishery, poultry dairy, bee keeping, floriculture, horticulture etc. 

Fertilizer Calculator - NPK
Dr. Vishwanath Koti                                           Free   Down Load
Living beings such as plants require a proper balance, especially of nutrients, for optimal growth. Essential nutrients are necessary for basic functions, and trace nutrients for the best health. Nutrient lock-out can occur when the pH is out of balance or when there is too much of a nutrient. Even if overdosing doesn't occur, nutrients can be wasted by adding too much solution per fertilizing cycle. 
NPK Calculator is an app for optimizing the ratio of macronutrients and micronutrients in your fertilizer solution for use in hydroponics or soil. This is  in-app database contains many simple and complex fertilizers in the market. Several nutrition programs by knowledge growers with long-term experience are available in preset tabs.

Agri Live
SathvTech Information Services Private Limited         
  Free                                                                              Download

Free online platform for farmers to showcase their Crops and Agricultural produces for sale.
Farmers of all Agricultural produces (Grains, Pulses, Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers, Spices, Wood, Livestock, Aqua, Seeds, etc.) can add their crop details online for sale.
Farmers, agriculture product Traders, agriculture product Exporters, Agents and everyone are provided with daily mandi price / market price information for transparency in agricultural products price negotiations and sale transactions.Agri Live aims to create a unified transparent agriculture market system by uniform distribution and steady demand of agriculture produces; a response to the Make In India call and supplement effort to eNAM (electronic National Agriculture Market).Agri Live is available in multiple regional languages such as Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu.

AgriApp                  FREE                                       Download

AgriApp is a revolutionary Android  basAndroid-basedlication. It provides complete information on Crop Production, Crop Protection and all relevant agriculture allied services on your Smartphone!!!
In addition to being an information portal, AgriApp is also an online market place bringing farmers, agri inputs, retail & fulfillment services on a common digital platform.AgriApp is now available in Kannada, English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Marathi.
RML Farmer - Krishi Mitr
RMLISPL                                   FREE                     Download
RML Farmer is one of its kind agricultural app where farmers can keep up with latest commodity and mandi prices, farm and farmer related news, weather forecast and advisory, provides agricultural advice all news regarding government's agricultural policies and govt schemes. This kisan suvidha app (suvidha is a hindi word which means comfort / convenience / ease) empowers those involved in agriculture and allied occupations in taking informed decisions by providing easy access to personalized & unbiased agriculture insights as per their location and in their preferred language. Users can choose from over 450 crop varieties, 1300 mandis, 3500 weather locations across 50,000 villages and 17 states of India.
Agriculture Dictionary
ERMILOGIC                       FREE             Download    
Book and References
Contains terms related to Agriculture, Farming, Animal Husbandry, Crops, Fruit, Livestock, Products, Agricultural Machines and Engineering, Agricultural Policy, European Union policies, Weather, Environment, Economics, Information & Communication Technologies
Aims to help farmers, agronomists, teachers and students of agriculture, with their daily work. The dictionary accepts English keywords and returns English descriptions. Compiled by European Union Agricultural Accounting & Statistics experts.Contains more than 7500 terms & abbreviations.The dictionary is online and is constantly updated.
Organic Farming
XENON NATION                                  FREE          Download
“When you are counting your blessings, do count your farmers too.” Indeed, what we eat and how luxuriously we live is all accredited to our farmers who work day and night to yield the best crops for us.
But due to huge environmental impacts, farmers are unable to fulfill our needs and so, we are gradually moving towards the most sustainable farming called Organic Farming.
Learn all the methods and techniques with the amazing “Organic Farming ” app so as to help our nation move towards a sustainable development.

Agriculture Act - India
appfever                            FREE                 Download
Books & References
Check out and search the entire Indian Agriculture Act. 
This is an Act to provide for the establishment of an Authority for the development and promotion of exports of agriculture and processed food products. It is called the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority Act and extends to the whole of India.
Read the entire Agriculture Act of India. Search at will. All sections of the Act are available in the app.
Whether you are a layperson, agriculturist, economist, law student, chartered accountant, a corporate lawyer or a taxpayer, this is an invaluable reference since it contains full text of the Act. You can search using any keyword and the app will show you the relevant sections.
* To see all sections of the Act (index) do not enter any search term and hit the search key. This provides you with the complete list of chapters like a TABLE OF CONTENT.
Agri Market
Brinvik                                      FREE                        Download
Simple and useful krishi app. This app is for agriculture traders and farmers in india. See the commodity prices on your mobile anytime. App is covering most of the farm product from all over the indian agriculture markets, market yard and mandai. Now you can see historical prices also.

Kisan Yojana
ANN India                       FREE                                        Download
This app is an only & exclusive of its kind dedicated to farmers. 
* Information & Knowledge Gap between the rural people is the key challenge for India. Access & Information about government's schemes for farmers is not as easy compare to other countries.  This App provides useful information about Government's Schemes to farmers from their respective State 
Agriculture Department.
* Time & Travelling Expense towards the Government Office reach of farmers is saved. 
* Users can easily access to Main Schemes along with the information of exactly what Benefits they will get from particular scheme & eligibility to access it. 
Zero Budget Natural Farming
OyePages                            FREE                                   Download                                                      
Through this group, we have strived to provide certain news, viewpoints and commentaries which have been gleamed through various sources. We will also be circulating the regular updates through mails. Any detailed study can be done by using the hyperlinks wherever provided in such emails. 

Digital Mandi India                                                 Download

Shows ONLY INDIAN Agricultural Commodity Mandi Price

Digital Mandi India helps you to check the latest Indian agricultural commodities mandi price from different states and districts. We make it simple for farmers, traders and for every Indian citizen to know the mandi price updates from anywhere. 
Next time, Before you sell or buy an agricultural commodity (Rice, turmeric, paddy etc.), Just check DMI to know the recent mandi price at your place.
Agro India                                                  Download     
MindWings Technologies     FREE      News and Magazine
The Agro India is an agriculture news application which gives you latest news regards agriculture.This app keep you updated.
Main characteristics
1. You will get the Agriculture news. Fresh news reach at you today itself.
2. You will get all latest news from agriculture field with notification alert.


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